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Whether you represent an individual school, a school district or an entire state department of education, we want your students to benefit from our Communities of Excellence – Living the 8 Keys excellence and character development program.

The 8 Keys of Excellence have been a big part of thousands of students’ lives for many years, both through SuperCamp and Quantum Learning school programs. On the right side of this page, you can read some of the positive results schools and districts have seen from the 8 Keys.

Bring CoE to your School CoE is a free program for schools and provides a full school year of curriculum online through this website. All you have to do to get started is complete and send in the CoE Enrollment Agreement. Upon receipt, we’ll provide your school (or each school in your district) with a login and password for teachers and students to access the CoE content.

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Quantum Learning training for teachers has the power to transform the life of a classroom. Combined with CoE lesson plans and resources provided at this website, the positive impact on students is huge. Over 50,000 teachers have benefited from Quantum Learning’s proven strategies since 1980. Learn more about Quantum Learning’s professional staff development programs.

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Dan St. Romain
Alamo Heights Independent School District
San Antonio, Texas

"I would say unequivocally, teachers, community members, and students are very excited about the implementation of the 8 Keys of Excellence. The effort has had a very positive impact on morale, behavior and character education efforts at the elementary schools. Many teachers and parents continue to let me know how the language of the Keys is evident, not only throughout the school, but throughout the community as well."

Doug Schultze and Dr. Jenny Severson,
co-principals O’Plaine Intermediate School
(grades 3-5)
Gurnee, Illinois

  • Results tracked and reflected continuing drops in zero-tolerance behavior: 6% first year, 12% second year, and 19% third year
  • Statistically significant in terms of how common language affected the entire process of school behaviors
  • Note: Zero-tolerance behaviors are the most severe types of negative behavior that would warrant a “trip to the Principal’s office.”

Thornton Township High School District
South Holland, Illinois

  • Implemented Quantum Learning and the 8 Keys of Excellence
  • Student population: 2,047 (37% low income, 83% African-American, 13% Caucasian, 4% other)
  • Following a 22-day summer school program focused on the 8 Keys of Excellence, a study of ninth graders performing below grade level showed that there was a 37% reduction in absenteeism, 66% reported better behavior, and 60% followed class rules more often


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